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7537 Carrollton Pike

Galax VA 24333




10:00 am



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Harrison’s Guns & Ammo




Long Guns: 

Win. Mod 70  7 mag w/Tasco World Class 4x12x40 scope

Win. Mod. 12 full solid rib 30” fancy walnut mfg 1932  12 ga.

Win. Mod. 92  32-WCF  mfg. 1896 (new in box)

Win. Mod. 64  32 Winchester Special

Win. Mod. 1894  30 WCF

Win. Mod. 12 Trap

Win. Mod. 12 Trap 12 ga. Full solid rib mfg. 1941

Win. Mod. 12 Trap full solid rib 30” mfg. 1941

Win. Mod. 12  30” solid rib full mfg 1923

Win. Mod. 12 30” full mfg 1963

Win. Mod. 70 w/boss system  7mm Mag w/Redfield 3x9x44 scope

Win. Mod. 1892 45 LC Limited Edition engraved NIB

Win. Mod. 94 mfg. 1922 Saddle Ring Carbine 25-35 cal.

Win. Mod. 1894 mfg. 1902  32 Win Spl

Win. Mod. 12 trap gun made 1963

Win. Mod. 70 Target 30-06

Win. Mod. 63 custom mfg 1949  22 LR (gun was sent back to factory to nickel plate – has letter to accompany)

Win. Mod. 25  12 ga. Vent rib rare 100% condition

Win. Mod. XPR  243 Winchester 22” barrel (new in box)

Win. XPR  243  Winchester 22” barrel (new in box)

Win. XPR  .243 (new in box)

Win. XPR .243 Win. (new in box)

Win. Mod. 40 12 ga. Poly choke

Win. XPR  .243 (new in box)

Win. Mod. 25  12 ga. Mod. 1949 to 1954

Win. Mod. 70  (New – No Box) w/Vortex Crossfire 3×9 scope

Win. Mod. 37A  12 ga. Single shot

Browning BPS  12 ga.

Browning silver 12 ga. semi-auto (new in box)

Browning Citori  12 ga.

Browning Safari Grade Belgium 1967-1974  30-06

Browning Citori 12 ga. special steel selective trigger 3” to 3 ½”

Browning stainless A-Bolt .338  Win Mag w/Weaver 3×9 scope

Browning Citori 20 ga. Super lite mfg 1995 w/invector choke Grade 1

Browning Hi-Power Safari grade sako made Finland rare 22-250 w/Leupold 4x12x50 VariX II scope

Browning Long Topic 30-06  semi-auto

Savage Axis  270 w/Center Point 3×9 scope & sling

Savage Axis  25-06 w/Center Point 4x16x50 scope & sling

Savage mod. 1899  Carbine 30-30 Winchester mfg 1906

Savage mod. 99B mfg. 1926  303 Savage take down model

Savage mod. 1899  w/Lymon sight checkered stock 300 SAU

Savage 110 classic 243 w/Tasco 3×9 scope

Savage mod. 111  270 Win w/Simmons 8 pt. scope

Rem. Mod. 700  BDL 270 stainless Bell & Carlson Stock w/Leupold 3x9x40 scope & sling

Rem. Mod. 700 SPS  270 Win. w/Nikon 3×9 scope

Rem. Mod. 700  ADL 270 Win w/3×9 scope

Rem. Mag. 700  Mag Pul .308 w/Vortex Athlon 6x24x50 scope

Rem. Mod. 700 ADL 30-06 w/Bushnell 3x9x50 scope

Rem. Mod. 700  .300  Ultra Mag

Rem. Mod. 700  BDL  7mm w/Leupold Varix II 3×9 scope

Rem. Mod. 4  22 rifle single shot

Rem. Mod. 700  ADL  30-06  w/walnut stock

Rem. Mod. 870 Super Magnum 12 ga.

Rem. Mod. 870 Wingmaster Law Enforcement mod. 12 ga. (folding stock)

Rem. ADL  30-06

Rem. “Model Four”  30-06 (New & Unfired – No Box)

Rem. Mod. 7400  30-06  SPRG

Rem. Mod. 7400  30-06 w/Redfield 3×9 scope

Rem. Mod. 750  30-06

Rem. Mod. 700  BDL Mountain Rifle  25-06 – detachable mag & old Redfield 4×12 scope

Rem. Mod. 870  Express 3” chamber

Rem. Mod. 870  Wingmaster 12 ga.

Rem. Mod. 7400  30-06

Rem. Mod. 742  Woodsmaster 30-06 w/Bushnell 3×9 scope

Rem. Mod. 742 Woodsmaster 30-06 SPRG w/Weaver K4 scope

Rem. Mod. 700  LSS 7mm mag w/Simmons Whitetail 6.5×20 scope

S&W M-P  15-22  22 LR (new in box)

S&W mod. 15  556/223 (new in box)

Pre-Revolutionary War rifle 36 cal. (dug up out of a yard in Hillsville, VA – not working)

Snider-Enfield mod. 1853  3 band rifle .577 w/bayonet conversion rifle from Civil Ward converted to paper cartridge (can be fired)

Marlin XL7  270 Win.

Marlin mod. 60  SB  22 LR stainless w/Tasco stainless scope

Marlin Golden 39-A takedown 22 lever action rifle

Marlin XL-7  Accu triggers  30-06

Mauser Standard Model 98 double barrel 8mm w/Burris 3×9 scope

Springfield mod. 1898 Cadet 30-40 Krag all original

Springfield Enfield mod. P17  30-06

US Springfield mod. 1878  Carbine 45-70 (only 2,946 manufactured – converted to field officers model)

US Springfield Calvary Carbine mod. 1884 rare 50-70 cal. w/Buffington sight

Mossberg ATR100  270 Win w/Bushnell 4x12x50 scope

Mossberg 46Y  SPX Tactical (unfired) w/Hans Holtd scope (claw mount base & scope)

Mossberg 930  12 ga.

Mossberg Patriot  243 w/Vortex XFire 3×9 scope

Mossberg ATR100  Deer Thug 270 Win w/Simmons 3x9x50 scope

Tristar 12 ga. Setter LT (new in box)

Tri-Star Upland Hunter over/under 12 ga. w/5 chokes (new in box)

Tri-Star over/under camo 12 ga. Shotgun

Tri-Star Upland Hunter 20 ga. Over/under w/5 chokes (new in box)

Tri-Star Raptor 12 ga. (new in box)

Cobray CMIZ Barrel Extension Shroud & 1 mag .380

CZ mod. 201A  16 ga. Double (new in box)

Thompson Icon  30 TC cal. stainless rifle

Thompson A-3 (model of 1927)  .22 LR detachable stock

G-Force Arms GFP3N  12 ga. (new in box)

Citadel Katal  12 20  12 ga. (new in box)

Verona 5X 4055-12  12 ga. semi auto with chokes

Antique Tube Mag DKT

CVA SPI Hunter Bolt 50 cal.

Ultra Hi by Miroko mfg 70’s  58 cal. rare

Traditions Buck Stalked 50 cal. muzzle loader (new in box)

Tikka T3 bolt action 30-06 clip Fed Stainless w/Tasco 3×9 scope & sling

Tikka T3X lite 6.5 Creedmore

Ruger M77 Hawkeye 30-06

Baker Gun Co. Paragon model High Grade 12 ga.

Zabala Hernanos SxS 12 ga.

Iver Johnson Trap Gun 12 ga. (Discontinued in 1941)

36 cal. muzzleloader built in Elk Creek VA by Bill Rudy

Weatherby Orion over/under shotgun w/6 chokes  12 ga.

Weatherby pre-MK V  300 Weatherby Mag ported barrel (German made)

Weatherby Vanguard Deluxe w/Leupold 3×9 scope

Weatherby Vanguard 30-06 w/Simmons 3x9x40 scope

Ithaca mod. 37  New Model 16 ga. w/3 chokes (new in box)

Ithaca SKB 600 Skeet over/under 12 ga.

It-Leue Timpe (German) mod. KA15L  16 ga.

SKB Arms mod. 785 over/under 12 ga.

“The Eliminator” custom made by Don Borcky in TN Win. Mod. 37  12 ga. that shoots #4 shot

Emil Nordelm (German) rifle  8.15x46R fully engraved

Anschultz mod. 1710 classic 22 LR (new in box)

Beretta AL-2  12 ga. 26”  2 ¾” Improved Cylinder Chrome Alloy

Charles Daley mod. 700  12 ga. Diamond Grade trap mod. Full choke selective trigger

H&R SB2  243  single shot w/Simmons 3×12 scope

Henry Single shot youth 243 (new in box)

Colt Woodsman 22 LR  Series III  Sports Model (new in box)

High Standard mod. B  22 LR  1942-1946

High Standard mod. M101  22 LR

High Standard 880  12 ga. Pump

High Standard mod. B  22 LR  1942-1946

Revelation/Savage mod. 350  12 ga. 30”

Stevens MIT 20 ga. Nickel plated (used in tow truck for protection)

CVA Wolfe 209 Primer 50 cal. rifle

CVA Wolfe 209 Primer 50 cal. rifle


Hand Guns: 

Colt Frontier Six Shooter Peacemaker 1973  44-40 in collector case

Colt Peacemaker Centennial 45 LC SAA  1873-1973 in collector case

Colt mod. 1860 Army Civilian 44 cal.  mfg 1863

Colt Police Positive 32 sp.

Colt New Service 38 WCF  38-40  1898 to 1942

Colt 3rd Issue Detective Special  .38SP

Colt Army DA Model 1909 w/holster 45 auto-rim

Colt Pocket model 25 auto

S&W First Model Baby Russian 3850  1976-1897

S&W M-P shield plus 9mm (new in box)

S&W SD9VE  9mm (new in box)

S&W “Lemon Squeezer” 32 S&W 1902-1909  3 ½” nickel

S&W 38 S&W New Departuro mfg 1887 rare

S&W mod. 48  22 Mag (new in box)

S&W M-P shield plus  1-13 round & 1-10 round magazine 9mm (new in box)

S&W mod. 48-4  22 mag w/Burris 3x9x9 scope

S&W pre-mod. 10 nickel  38 special

S&W 38 Military Police model of 1905 produced 1905-1906

S&W K-22  kit gun 22 LR

S&W M-P shield 12.0 EZ  9mm (new in box)

S&W M-P shield plus no thumb safety 1-13 round & 1-10 round  9mm (new in box)

S&W M-P shield plus 13 round  9mm (new in box)

S&W M-P shield 2.0/EZ  380 (new in box)

S&W model of 1905  32-20 WCF hand ejector (1915-1940)

S&W 3220 model of 1905

S&W 32 regulation police 1917 to 1942  32 long

S&W mod. 63  22 LR (new in box)

S&W “Lemon Squeezer” 3rd model 32  S&W (1909 to 1937)

S&W M-P shield plus thumb safety  13 round & 10 round (new in box)

S&W M-P shield EZ  380 (new in box)

S&W M-P shield plus 13 round  9mm (new in box)

S&W M-P 2.0 shield EZ  9mm (new in box)

S&W M-P 2.0 shield EZ  9mm (new in box)

S&W mod. 22A – 1  22 LR

S&W SD9VE  9mm

S&W M-P shield plus 1-23 round & 1-10 round no thumb safety  9mm (new in box)

Springfield Hellcat 9mm (new in box)

S&W M-P shield EZ  thumb safety (new in box)

S&W M-P shield plus 9mm (new in box)

Glock G17/Gen 5  MOS 9mm (new in box)

Glock G23  40 S&W (new in box)

Glock G22  40 S&W (new in box)

Glock G17/Gen 3  9mm (new in box)

Glock G19  9mm (new in box)

Sig Sauer P320C  357 Sig (new in box)

Sig Sauer P245 made in Germany 45 AP (new in box)

High Standard mod. HB 22 LR  mfg 1948-1949  2nd model

High Standard mod. G 380  ACP (rare) 7,400 made

Mauser custom built 8mm w/Redfield fold over scope & sling

Mauser mod. 98  8mm

Ruger mod. 57  5.7×28 (new in box)

Walther pop 9mm (new in box)

Walther PPS-LE 9mm (new in box)

Browning High Power Fabrique National WWII Production 1940-1944  Nazi Stamped Proofs 9mm

Browning mod. 1910  155  380 w/original box mfg 1965

Husqvarna mod. 1907  380 auto made by Browning

Savage mod. 1907  32 ACP (box & original papers)

Unique Model L  22 LR combo rifle/pistol w/magazine for operation

Ruger mod. 77  7mm mag w/Tang Safety w/Tasco 3x9x50 scope

BSA made in England Eagle Arms NY  7mm mag

EG mod. 99Y  8 shot 22 blank starter revolver

OWA Austrian Type Z  .25 ACP pistol made 1924

Springfield Saint Rifle 556 (new in box)

CZ mod. 75  9mm decocker double action (new in box)

CZ P10C 9mm (new in box)

Astra mod. 400  9mm Largo 38 3 mags & holster (Not New – has holster, box & ammo)

Sig Sauer P239  9mm (new in box)

Rem. Rand V-5 property of US Army  M1911 A original finish 45 ACP

Colt 1877 Lightning 38 Colt mfg. 1899 (Antique in wood display case)

Brevette DRP Germany 1800’s  4 barrel 2 cal.

Browning “Baby Browning” made in Belgium  25 ACP (6mm)

Hillsville Gun Works HGW15  .556 (new in box)

Browning A-Bolt  7mm Rem. Mag w/Leupold 3x9x40 scope & sling

Rem. Mod. 7  7mm SA

Ruger M77 – MK II  7 mm Rem. Map w/Leupold Varix II 3×9 scope

Gun Access./Supplies:  Gun scopes (Tasco-Simmons-Conquest-Styrka & more!), scope mounts, scope covers, gun clips, pistol holsters, rifle/shotgun cases (soft & hard), gun slings,  Gun cleaning supplies, handmade wood box with compartments for gun cleaning-jewelry, etc., black powder accessories, several magazines, Reload Ammo (.270 Win, 30-30 Win, 7mm Mag, .303 brit, .234 Win, 45-70, .444 Marlin, .300 Win Mag, .225 Win, 22-250 #16, 35 Rem).

 Store Fixtures/Displays:  custom made wood counter, custom made wood gun displays, open faced gun racks, glass display cases, oval turning upright display racks, peg board racks, Taskforce upright tool cabinet, Kobalt upright tool cabinet, vise, (2) metal file cabinets, microwave & more.

 Hunting: Odor eliminating system & supplies, decoys, deer attractant, etc.

Knives/Fishing/Collectible: Several knives (Case XX, Browning, many Hillsville Labor Day Flea Market/Gun Show Knives & more), (2) New Case XX collectible display cases w/8 knives each, fishing tackle, rods/reels, fishing lures, bait, hooks, (3) smoke bombs, Rothenburg violin w/case & stand, dulcimer, tambourine, UKA banjo, antique 4 string banjo (no name), collectible framed prints, Weatherby 50th Anniversary framed print, cherry finish office furn. (desk/credenza/bookcase), wild boar spear, antique Iver Johnson shotgun delivery box, antique Remington shell box, vintage binoculars in cases, (2) antique bb guns, (1) pellet rifle.

Terms:  Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Card day of auction.

All Federal Firearms regulations will apply and background checks will be conducted on site.  Fee for firearm transfer will only be $10.00 per gun (includes $2.00 VA Fee)  Out of State transfers will be $15.00 per gun (Includes the $5.00 Fee)

Shop will be Open for Inspection: Tues. thru Fri. from 10am – 5pm and Saturdays from 10am until 3pm until auction.  On day of auction guns & items will be available for inspection by 8:30 am.

Auctioneer’s Note:  Tony Harrison, owner, is retiring and liquidating his inventory, Don’t Miss This One!!

ONLINE & LIVE BIDDING ON FIREARMS!  Note:  Owner is continuing to sell items from inventory with exception of Firearms and Store Fixtures up until day of auction.

 Directions:  Traveling on I-77 take Exit# 14 (Galax/Hillsville) & go W on Rt.# 58 for 5.5 mi. to Gun Shop on Left (Beside Shell Station) & DMV.

Directions to the Auction

These instructions are automatically calculated based on your location. In certain cases these directions may be incorrect, please refer to any special instructions in the auction description for additional details.

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