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Tips for Buying at Auction

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  1. Find an auction – check out our upcoming auctions on each one you can see what type of auction it is, pictures of what is being sold, and any special information about the auction.
  2. Preview the auction – If you’re interested in buying a home, or land at auction, we often offer a open house prior to the auction to give you a chance to look at the property. We invite you to come see the property prior to the auction.
  3. Plan your route & arrive early – Make sure to refer to our page on the auction for any special directions to get to the auction. Arrive early so you can get settled in before the auction starts.
  4. Inspect – Items are sold as-is, so make sure to get a good look at what you’re buying.
  5. Set a price – When inspecting an item, consider what you’re willing to bid. You should have a number in mind so you don’t go over budget, and don’t forget to consider your other costs like repairs, fees, or delivery charges.
  6. Bid, have fun, and get a great deal!

(Information provided by the VAA)