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Why Sell At Auction?

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Auctions are a unique and valuable way of selling almost any type of personal property.

Virginia Auctioneers Association

Auctions are one of the oldest ways to sell property; Auctioneering in the U.S. is on the rise. Consumers spent 202.7 billion at auctions in 2004. Plus consumers generally feel that:

  • Auctions are an exciting way to get good deals.
  • They offer a great value on items.
  • Offer an opportunity to find rare and exciting items.

Great Value For You

Most importantly for you, the seller, you get:

  • Speedy sale of items and property with quick turnaround.
  • You set the time & date for the auction with us.
  • We market your property & goods.

If you’re thinking about selling property at auction, we can help! Just reach out to us, you can also meet our satisfied customers on our testimonials page.